Warehouse storage rack inspections

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Storage racks are the backbone of the logistics industry. Used by businesses around the world, their maintenance and safety should be a regular part of any professional company’s operations. A collapsing rack can not only kill staff, it can damage inventory, cause delays and reduce profitability.

Rack inspection requirements are becoming more and more common in building codes and it seems most countries have or are developing their respective standards companies should be aware of. In Canada, theĀ CSA A344 and in the United States, the US RMI user guideline is an important benchmark, the EU has European Union EN15635, and Australia has the AS 4084-2012. Each standard has its particularities and depending your location, you should be inspecting against the right one.

Nimonik has put together a few free inspection checklists for inspections at your warehouse. We will be adding to this list over the year and if you have specific requirements, please contact us at info@nimonik.com

Pallet Rack Inspection Checklist

General Storage Rack Inspection Checklist for Environment (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001)

Cold Storage Warehousing Risk Assessment

Chilled Warehousing Risk Assessment

General Storage Rack Safety Inspection Checklist and Guideline