The Importance of Auditing for Food Safety

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Why Food Safety Audits are Important

Food Safety audits play a fundamental role in certifying that proper food safety practices are being abided to. The Global Food and Safety Resource reported, “audits are a crucial component of maintaining food safety standards and certification, by providing transparency and assurance that standards are being maintained”.

While ensuring safety in food production is an essential component in protecting a facility’s certification, the safety of the food’s consumption can actually be a case of life and death. And with the progression of technology, making audits easier than ever before, there is no reason for someone’s life or business to be in danger.

Preventing the Risk of Foodborne Diseases

The number one desired result of food auditing is to prevent foodborne illness. While this may seem like an obvious statement, it’s a prevalent problem in North American food production. The Center for Disease Control estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases.

In terms of managing a facility’s reputation, “mass foodborne illness outbreaks can destroy the reputations (and the bank accounts) of the companies involved, and in some cases it takes years (and smart marketing campaigns) to convince the public that there’s no longer any threat”, says Dan Myers, a writer for The Daily Meal.

While most food poisoning cases can be traced back to poor food handling practices, it is a process that is completely manageable with the inspection checklists available in Nimonik’s app. It can track everything in the kitchen, ranging from temperatures, storage and hygiene practices, in order to avoid the possibility of putting food’s safety at risk.

Benefits Of Food Safety System Audits

Since quality management and food safety is of the utmost importance, utilizing a food safety auditing system that can provide real-time assessment is a great advantage. Rather than looking through historical data and safety records, an auditing app will give you the ability to address any gaps on a day-to-day basis.

“Audits are also a good time to foster communication within the organization. Engaging with employees in interviews provides a multitude of viewpoints and is an opportunity to promote a sense of ownership and buy-in within the organization – this can go a long way in building a strong food safety culture.”

Beyond the safety of your consumers, building a food safety culture within your organization and preventing future problems, food safety audits provide the opportunity to build on the brand reputation. Furthermore, they can have a direct correlation with the bottom line of your company.

The Role Of Technology in Food Safety Audits

Today, food safety audits are largely driven by technology. The management of necessary food safety checklists and quality insurance documentation requires organization of large amounts of paperwork and data. Moreover, the ability to access this documentation and analyze it is extremely important for a successful audit and proof of food safety. For example, an easy to use auditing app can help manage documents and workflows for auditing, as well as improve day-to-day business operations. An auditing app also provides assistance with tasks including the maintenance of training and certification records, statistics, data collection and analysis, which can all be streamlined and made accessible through an iPad.

Nimonik Audit contains over 1500 Free Quality, Safety and Environmental checklists based on industry standards from 65 countries and 25 industries. This app halves inspection times, creates intelligent checklists and forms for you and generates reports in the format you want.

Food companies must continue to conduct food security audits because they cannot afford not to. And with technology in the form of Nimonik’s app, food production companies can look forward to offering safe food to customers, always.

Try Nimonik’s auditing app for free and gain access to easier quality and general food safety control.