Efficient Incident Managment and Training Scheduler for Businesses

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Let’s make 2015 a safe year for your workplace. Nimonik is building easy-to-use incident management tools and a training scheduler. To help refine our design, we are looking for Beta testers to provide feedback.
Beta program participants will receive a free 2 month subscription.

What we are working on

Training Scheduler – coming in 2015

Do you need a tool to help you manage training? Nimonik’s training module will let you upload training information, schedule deadlines and track progress. Training is a key element in any health and safety program, let us help you manage it better. Participate in our Beta program and receive a 2 month free subscription.

Incident Management – coming in 2015
Are you still recording incidents with pen and paper, word or excel file? With Nimonik, you will soon be able to record, report and investigate accidents, hazards, and near misses with an easy to use web and mobile tool. An easier tool means a more efficient way to ensure that your workplace is safe for everyone in 2015. Participate in our Beta program and receive a 2 month free subscription.

Provide feedback and receive a free subscription

Nimonik is building new features and we want to ensure they meet your requirements. To help us design and build something that works for your team, sign up below and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you in 2015.

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