New Feature: Schedule Audits and Inspections

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Nimonik is happy to present a new feature on Scheduled Audits. This new feature allows you to set audit and inspection schedules for all of your Facilities and then benchmark your progress and determine if audits are being completed on time. To see your Scheduled audits, simply go to your Notifications Center and scan for Scheduled audits, they look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.38.17 AM

Detailed How To

It’s simple to schedule an audit:

  1. Click on Scheduler under the Facility where you would like to schedule an audit or audits.
  2. Then click on Create Obligation.
  3. Select “Use an Audit Template” as the option and choose the Company Audit Template for this scheduled audit
  4. You can then plan either a one-time audit or plan a recurring audit that happens on a time frame that suits your needs – monthly, daily or at an annual frequency.
  5. On your Notifications page, you will see Scheduled Audit and when you complete the task, you will be prompted to Start your Audit.

The Responsible user will receive an email alert two weeks before the scheduled audit as well as see upcoming audits on their Notifications page.