New Reports on NimonikApp for Audits and Inspections and Permit Management

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Nimonik is very happy to announce new reporting tools to help you manage your audit and inspection results and gain oversight on progress and weak spots. Each report is designed to help you gain oversight on the performance of your organization, see trends and issue follow up tasks to continuously improve your workplace. See the explanatory video on Youtube here.

Corrective Action Report

This report helps you identify corrective actions that have been completed on time (green), late and uncompleted (red), upcoming (blue) or completed late (yellow).

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Recurring Obligation Report

This report allows you to see upcoming audits and tasks (blue), items completed on time (green) or late (yellow) and any outstanding recurring tasks related to permits or other corporate requirements that might be late (red).

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Audit Timeline Report

This report allows you to see multiple audits done with the same audit template, helping you determine if you are improving in your compliance efforts or not.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.08.30 AM

Facility Comparison Report

This report helps you compare the performance of your facilities, allowing you to see which facilities have more or less compliance issues.

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