Free Checklists for Joint Health And Safety Committee in Canada

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Health and safety checklist

Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) are a group of employees and employer spokespersons who report health and safety issues to the employer. JHSC must hold frequent meetings, evaluate risks and find a way to increase safety. The first set of checklists may be used by those working a wide variety of industries and specifically by members of JHSC who wish to assess and reduce hazards. Hazards specifically addressed in these checklists include: work practices, equipment, electrical, noise, fire, plant, waste and ergonomics.

The second set of checklists primarily apply to academic institutions and may be used by members of JHSC who wish to assess and eliminate hazards. Hazards that are typically encountered in this type of setting include: emergencies, electrical, maintenance, equipment, chemicals and storage. The purpose of these checklists is to assist fulfilling the committee’s duties by improving the workplace conditions using assessments and inspections.

The legal basis for Ontario checklists comes from the following: the City of Vaughan’s Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (RSO1990,cO.1).

The legal basis for British Columbia checklists comes from the following regulation The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (BC.Reg.296/97). All of these checklists can be used on, downloaded in multiple formats for free and used on an iPad and iPhone with our mobile auditing and inspection software.