New Feature : Sign-Off and Receive Corrective Action Closures

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Nimonik is constantly improving our audit and inspection tool on the web and our powerful and easy to use inspection app for iPad and iPhone. We are very happy to announce three new features:

1. Sign-off on audits to Close Audits

When you are done an audit or inspection, you can now sign-off on it. This will save the person, date and time of the signature in your complete account logs. Try it out today! The feature will be coming to iPad in the next release.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 6.15.26 PM

2. Auditor receives notifications on closed Audit Items

When an auditor issues a corrective action to an auditee, they want to know when it is closed out. Now they do! Each time an auditee closes out a corrective action, an email with a description of the action taken will be sent to the auditor. The auditor can then approve or disapprove the action taken.

Upcoming features:

  1. Jump questions;
  2. Better Reporting Tools; and
  3. Scheduled Audits.