New Feature: Approve and Reject Corrective Actions and NCRs

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Nimonik is happy to announce a new feature for NimonikApp to help you better manage your inspections and audits in the workplace. When you conduct an audit and issue a corrective action, the responsible person will be notified by email. They will also receive reminders 7 days before, the day of and every 7 days until they complete their corrective action!

When the assigned person completes their corrective action, they can leave a comment and NimonikApp logs the date, time and person who closed the action. Now, we are thrilled to give you more control over corrective actions.

When the corrective action is closed, the issuer is notified by email. The issuer or the corrective action can then accept or re-open the action item. Let us know what you think and give it a shot during your next audit.