20 Free Risk Assessment Checklists to use on iPad

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Nimonik is constantly adding new checklists, audit protocols and inspection forms to our database. Here are 20 new risk assessment checklists we just published, more are on their way! If you have any specific requests or comments, let us know by email at info@nimonik.com

Free Risk Assessment Checklists

Controls for work with self-contained Gamma irradiators

Lone Working Guidance Risk Assessment Form

New and Expectant Mothers – Model Risk Assessment Form MA1

Work Related Stress – Managers Risk Assessment

The World Bank Technology Risk Checklist 7.3 World Bank Integrator …

Betting Office Risk Assessment

Butcher Shop Risk Assessment

Working at Height Assessment Checklist

Simple Workplace Stress Assessment Checklist

Slips and Trips Assessment Checklist

The safe use of chemicals and other substances Checklist

Manual Handling Assessment Checklist

Event Safety Risk Assessment Checklist

Behavioural Based Observation Form

Very Basic Risk Assessment Checklist

Risk Assessment Check List

Event Management Risk Assessment and Control

Fireworks in shops: Retailers’ risk assessment checklist

Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Workplace Risk A…

New and young workers’ safety induction

Fire Safety Risk Assessment – General

USC Events Organization Risk Assessment

General Risk Assessment Checklist