Introducing: Notifications for Safety and Environment on

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Nimonik is thrilled to launch the new Notifications page on, bringing all of your important environmental, health and safety compliance alerts together in one location! Nimonik will also send you a a weekly digest of your outstanding and upcoming tasks every Monday at 2 PM EST. The Notifications page will replace the Under Review page and the Dates pages, making it easier to find the items you need to complete and assign responsibility to your colleagues.


Specifically the Notifications page will help you manage your obligations by Facility for the following items:


  • Recurring Audits;
  • Corrective Actions.

Other Obligations

  • Reporting and renewal requirements tied to your permits, certificates of authorization or corporate requirements.

Legislative Updates

  • New Legislation that might apply to your operations;
  • Changes to legislation in your legal register;
  • Government Reports and Amendments coming into force; and
  • Internal reviews of legislative requirements.