EHS Tracker and EHS Audit heading for big upgrades!

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As the founder of Nimonik, I wanted to offer you a sneak peak of our projects for the upcoming year. At Nimonik, we believe in simple and powerful software and in 2014, EHS Tracker, EHS Audit and EHS Audit Mobile will all be upgraded to make compliance simpler.

Nimonik’s products are designed to help you ensure end-to-end compliance for legal requirements, corporate obligations and industry standards. In 2013, too many companies still use email, Excel documents, and informal mechanisms for ensuring compliance, which increases operational risks.

Since we launched Nimonik in 2008, we have worked with companies around the world and learnt a tremendous amount about improving compliance from the boardroom to the shop floor. Based on your feedback we continue to improve our products. Your requests are absolutely essential to the development of new features, so please keep the comments, ideas and suggestions coming! Here is a quick overview of the updates we have planned, for more details, please contact us at or give us a call at 1-888-608-7511.

EHS Tracker

Over the next year, we will simplify our tools to quickly understand legislative changes, assign responsibility and monitor progress of review. Some features we will roll out over the next year include the following.

  • Section by section updates with easy navigation to understand exact legislative changes;
  • A new Notifications center that keeps you on-track with all compliance items that need your attention;
  • Improved control of user rights to access Legal Registers, Files, and Audits; and
  • A tool to quickly identify relevant legislation that you might want to track in your register.

EHS Audit

EHS Audit is constantly being improved, our aim is to help you audit quickly and powerfully across your operations. When the technology disappears in your hands and you see only your audit, we know we are on the right path. Here are a few features we will roll out over the next year include the following.

  • Richer reporting tools to compare audits and facilities by time, by audit template and by location;
  • Scoring systems to measure your audit results;
  • Drag and drop addition of photos and audio recordings to audit questions; and
  • “Smart” Audits with the ability to skip questions and pull up reference material.

EHS Audit Mobile

EHS Audit has been completely rebuilt to handle much larger audits conducted by big teams of auditors and inspectors. These changes delayed some feature releases, but we will soon be issuing an update to the software and you can expect more updates over the coming year to help you audit quickly in the field. Some features we will roll out over the next year include the following.

  • Multiple photos and audio recordings per audit question;
  • Annotate your photos;
  • GPS tag all events during an audit;
  • Score and weight your audit questions;
  • Issue corrective actions right on your iPad; and
  • Access live links to legislation, reference material and other documentation.