A Whole New Audit

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Auditing with EHS Audit has never been easier. At Nimonik, we believe great technology disappears in your hands and the tools become as easy to use as pen and paper. That is why we are thrilled to announce a major update to EHS Audit that will help your team focus on audits and inspections, not the technology. The new audit page lets you simply click on each item to edit them – signal findings, corrective actions and issues at your site. At the end, generate a beautiful report at the click of a button.

To see the new audit page in action, start an audit today. You can also watch this video demonstration of the new page and how quickly you can take a template, start an audit and generate a report.


Important Compatibility Notification
Please note that the new audit page requires Internet Explorer 8 and above, we suggest upgrading to the latest Internet Explorer 10 for an optimal experience. This is a free upgrade that will improve performance on all websites and will increase your security when visiting websites. Other free modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari are fully compatible with the new audit page. Please speak to your IT department about this important upgrade. For more information on compatibility requirements, please contact us at support@nimonik.zendesk.com