App Updates for EHS Audit Mobile

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EHS Audit Mobile on iPad and iPhone for awesome inspections at your factory

We hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter for our friends south of the equator)! Nimonik is thrilled to announce a new free update to your favourite iPad audit tool – EHS Audit Mobile, you can download the update here.

Upcoming updates and improvements

We are hard at work on improving EHS Tracker, EHS Audit and EHS Audit Mobile and we wanted to share some of our plans with you. Over the next six months, we will focus on the following features and as a subscriber to our services, you will receive these updates free of charge!

  • Improved synchronization speed between EHS Audit and EHS Audit Mobilel;
  • Multiple photos per audit item and photo annotation functionality;
  • Better reporting tools for audit results and legal monitoring progress;
  • Improved interfaces for conducting your audits on the EHS Audit website;
  • More granular control of legal update notifications on EHS Tracker; and
  • International EHS compliance audit protocols for over 15 countries!

We will keep you informed as these improvements become available, if you have any specific requests for new functionality, please contact us at