EHS Audit Tool becomes EHS Audit Mobile

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Branding is a complex and challenging task. Over two years ago, Nimonik launched a web based service called WikiChecklists to host and manage audit and inspection checklists. At the time, we aimed to help internal and external auditors around the world collaboratively build and manage audit protocols. While thousands of auditors around the world are indeed using the system, we have not deployed as much collaborative technology as we would have liked.

At the same time as the launch of WikiChecklists, we launched the EHS Audit Tool (formerly EHSQ Reporter) to collect audit data in the field – findings, statuses, photos and more. The mobile app for iPhones and iPads was built to seamlessly integrate with WikiChecklists, that integration has gotten better over time and continues today. The different names between the two products often caused confusion amongst our users.

To help Nimonik better communicate the intent of our products and the relationship between them, we are happy to announce that WikiChecklists will now be renamed to EHS Audit and EHS Audit Tool for iPad and iPhone will become EHS Audit Mobile.