EHS Audit and inspection tool updated

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We are very happy to announce a new version of EHSQ Reporter for audits and inspections on iPad and iPhone, now called EHS Audit and inspection tool

This version is a major upgrade and brings the app to version 3.0. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Notably, we have made a variety of improvements to the app’s interface along with a series of background fixes that should make generating reports and syncing faster and more stable. We have also changed the nomenclature to refer to Audits instead of Checklists and the app is now called EHS Audit and Inspection tool. Perhaps most significantly, we now offer paid audit templates.

While the vast majority of our audit templates remain free, we are beginning to offer complete audit protocols from a variety of auditors around the world. These audit templates will cover everything from Workplace harassment to Australien OSH harmonization. If you are interested in contributing paid audit protocols, generating revenue for your firm and improving your visibility online, please contact us at