EHS legislation improvements at EHS Tracker

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Nimonik is happy to announce improvements to EHS Tracker to better help you monitor, manage and keep an eye on EHS legislation. Here are some of the recent changes.

  • All legislation now has the last modification date.
  • Any legislation changed in the past 6 months is highlighted in Yellow.
  • Any legislation added to the system in the past 2 months is marked in Green.
  • If a legislation you track is modified, we’ll add explanatory text of the change right in your Legal Register.
  • The legislative search function now includes our descriptive text of each piece of legislation.
  • Our short names are now the official legal references across all of Canada.
  • Legislation has been better organized into industrial sectors to help you follow only the EHS laws that matter to you.

To see these changes and more, take a look at the Canadian Federal EHS legislation and start tracking your obligations today.