Corrective Actions Made Easy!

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Creating and closing corrective actions has never been easier. For each item on a checklist, you can create a corrective action with a responsible person and a due date.


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The person assigned to close the corrective action will receive a notification and then a friendly reminder two weeks before the deadline. Once the item is closed, the user can leave a note to indicate how the item was closed. Managers and those responsible for corrective actions can quickly see outstanding, completed and past due corrective actions in the Reports page.Do you audit third parties, clients or suppliers?

With WikiChecklists, auditees can receive limited access to a facility or specific audit. They will then be able to read audit results and close out corrective actions, but not modify audit results. As the auditor, you can watch their progress as they close all the issues you identified.

WikiChecklists works seamlessly with our iPad and iPhone auditing software, EHSQ Reporter. Use the mobile app to collect your audit findings, photos and images and then Sync everything to WikiChecklists. From the website, you can issue corrective actions to your auditees and team members and generate beautiful reports, like the one found here.

Watch a Video of the EHSQ Reporter and WikiChecklists

Watch a 4 minute video overview of the system.

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