Audit Suppliers and Clients Easily

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Nimonik is happy to announce a new feature for users of EHS Tracker, WikiChecklists and EHSQ Reporter. You can now create a new type of user, a Limited User. A limited user can by default see nothing in the account. You can then give them explicit permission to see a facility, a checklist or a register. When they login, they will be limited to seeing those items and not editing them. A limited user can close corrective actions and leave notes, but that is all.

This functionality is designed specifically for consultants who audit multiple clients and large organizations that audit their fleet or supplier chain. To add a limited user to your account, simply go to your user management page.

If a Limited User uses EHSQ Reporter on iPad and iPhone they will only be able to download checklists for which they have permission. They will not be able to edit any fields on the iPad or iPhone software.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments.