Permit and CofA management made easy

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Permit and CofA management made easy

With EHS Tracker and WikiChecklists you can now manage your permits in a simple and rigorous manner.
Watch a 3 minute overview of the permits management system on Youtube or on our site.
Simply upload or link to an important permit, CofA or document and ask to create recurring tasks to report on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual basis, or every five years. The responsible person will then need to complete these repeating ‘recurrences’ until the permit’s expiry date is reached. The responsible person for each permit and recurrence will receive an email reminder two weeks before each due date and 1 year, 6 months and 1 month before the expiry date of the permit. If the responsible person at the company changes, you can easily reassign responsibility to another colleague.

When completing a Recurrence, the user will be prompted to enter a note, which will be dated and logged in your account’s global logs.

Lastly, you can easily view a list of all Recurrences, whether they are completed, past due or outstanding. This makes it easy to follow up with your colleagues to ensure full compliance.

We hope this functionality helps your team manage their EHS permits, CofAs and corporate requirements in a timely and thorough manner.

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