EHSQ Reporter now available for Free

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Nimonik is thrilled to introduce a new feature for auditors who want to generate audit reports in no time. Download EHSQ Reporter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free until March 25th here.
Hundreds of auditors around the world have been using EHSQ Reporter for iPhone and iPad to gather data and generate reports in the field. Now auditors can export richer audit reports and use our web-based tool to polish their inspection results and issue corrective actions.

With these most recent improvements, we are making EHSQ Reporter available for free in the Apple App Store! Download our app and get two free audit reports. To thank existing users (prior to February 14th) for all of their great feedback over the past year, we are offering them 15 free audit reports, worth $ 60. Moving forward regular upgrades to the app will be available for free.

Of course, amazing customer support is included with all of our services!

We have two plans on offer.

Pay as you go: Just get your audit reports.

For solo auditors and companies with strict data security rules. 

With EHSQ Reporter you can now complete an audit on your iPad or iPhone, and click on “Generate Report” to compile the data into a report.  Within minutes, we will email you a copy of your report in your chosen format — Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, XML, RTF and Adobe PDF.

Click here to download a sample audit report.

After your two free audit reports have been used, you can purchase report packages that cost only $ 4, $ 3, or $ 2 per audit report. Users have access to an unlimited quantity of Company and Public Checklist Templates, free of charge, on our WikiChecklists website. Download them to your iPad or iPhone at anytime.

Your audit finding will remain confidential at all times. While they are temporarily hosted in your account on our server, only you can access them until they are automatically deleted 10 days later.

To pay as you go, simply download the app in the Apple App store and then purchase one of our three audit report packages inside the app. You will be prompted to make this purchase once you have used your two free audit reports.

If you have any questions about this plan, please contact us at

WikiChecklists: Full synchronization with our secure servers

For teams of auditors who wish to issue corrective actions, share results and collaborate.

EHSQ Reporter for iPhone and iPad can now synchronize all of your audit data with WikiChecklists. WikiChecklists is a web-based tool to manage your audits, checklists and users. Using the web based platform allows you to manage your audit reports seamlessly.

WikiChecklists allows you to save all of your inspection data to the website and have your colleagues work with you on the same account. The benefits of using WikiChecklists include:

  • Creating additional reports for your audits;
  • Managing your team of auditors;
  • Tracking who makes changes to an audit finding;
  • Issuing corrective actions to your clients;
  • Keeping a secure backup of your audit results; and
  • much more, click here to learn more.

Subscriptions to WikiChecklists start as low as $ 240 per year for 10 audits and only $ 900 per year for 50 audits.

To signup for a plan, simply create an account or upgrade an existing account here.

You can also subscribe to WikiChecklists by simply clicking on “Sync” on the home screen of EHSQ Reporter. If you have more than two audits in your app, you will be prompted to subscribe. All of the data from your inspections will be securely uploaded to our servers in your account and reconciled with any work your colleagues may have performed on the same audit.

We hope these tools make your audits more efficient, easier to perform, and deliver more value to your clients and colleagues. If you have

any questions or would like a personal demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us at