EHSQ Reporter 2.1.1 submitted with fixes

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In the most recent update of the EHSQ Reporter (v. 2.1) released on March 5th there is an issue that prevents users from passing Findings, Requirements and More Info into the final report when generating a report from the device. Also, when generating a report from the device, the order of items may not be maintained. We apologize for this inconvenience. We have submitted a fix to Apple and we expect the update to be available in approximately one week.

Once the update is available users can then re-generate reports free of charge.

If you need to export your data sooner than that, you can synchronize your data with the Sync button and then generate a report from the website. The Sync feature is free for users with two audits or less on your iPad or iPhone. If that is a limiting factor, we can temporarily upgrade your account so you can sync more data. Please contact us at

Again, our apologies for the trouble this has caused, we are working hard to fix the situation.