EHSQ Reporter update coming soon

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Important Update for EHSQ Reporter iPad and iPhone Application

We are thrilled to announce a new version of EHSQ Reporter for iPhone and iPad. This version has been in the works for sometime and we are very proud of it. You can now synchronise your audit reports, including notes, photos, videos and audio to our easy to use website where you can generate rich reports.

All companies can synchronise two audits free of charge every year. Should you wish to synchronise more audits; you will require a subscription to Our plans and prices are available here and start as low as 20$/month.

For regular users of EHSQ Reporter, please read the details of this important message.

The new version of EHSQ Reporter allows for full synchronisation of all of your data between your iPad, iPhone and WikiChecklists web service. If you share an account with colleagues, your data will be shared with them as well.

A synchronisation upgrade is a complex task and there are some important notes we wish to share with you. We are taking every precaution to ensure that your information and data are safe and secure, and therefore it is important that you follow our simple guidelines.

What happens on first synchronisation?

1. All Facilities must have unique names.
2. All Checklists under a Facility must have unique titles.
3. All Items under a Checklist must have unique names within a group.

Both EHSQ Reporter and our website make sure that you get prompted to change name if it is not unique.

Any Facility created in EHSQ Reporter that shares the same name as an existing Facility on the server (e.g. synchronized by your colleague or added in the website), will be merged with the later. The same applies to any corresponding Checklists and Items. This only happens on the first synchronization.

If a Facility/Checklist/Item gets updated both in your EHSQ Reporter and on the server, the most recently updated version will be synchronised to all devices.

Some other important changes

  • Plant Managers and Auditors have been moved from the Facility level to the Checklist Level. Only Auditors are currently synchronised to the website.
  • You can now customise status names for each Checklist, simply view the details of your Checklist.
  • There are no longer any audit dates at the Facility level, only at the Checklist level.

We still have improvements coming for the app and we look forward to sharing those with you over the coming months. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Should you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at or consult our help page at