Download inspection reports in multiple formats

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With the newly released synchronization version of the EHSQ Reporter app, you can now generate rich reports of you audit findings.

Every purchase of the iPad and iPhone app, EHSQ Reporter, allows you to synchronize two free audits to the website. From there, you can modify your audit results and export your audit results in multiple formats. You will get:

  • A Microsoft Word Document;
  • An RTF word processor document
  • A CSV file for use in Microsoft Excel;
  • A XML file to import into your own database or internal system;
  • A CSV file of just the checklist, without your results;
  • A PDF document with your results; and,
  • all of the relevant photos, videos and audio recordings captured during the audit.

All of this comes you you in a tidy little zip file, you can download an example right here!

Let us know if we missed any formats or if you would like something else included in your exported results file: iso-14001-2012-01-23