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We’re hiring a lead software developer who may turn CTO at Nimonik! Canadian citizenship or residency is highly preferable due to tax reasons, but everyone is free to apply.

Nimonik is a small and growing B2B SaaS company based in the hip Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal, Canada with positive revenues and no external financing. We require a strong Lead Developer who is interested in a high growth opportunity, flexible work schedule and building a world class WebApp with integrated iOS Applications.

You should be interested in taking over technical responsibility, building a team and delivering key functionality and stability that will allow the company to continue its annual 100% growth rate. Over time, we expect you to take over the role of CTO.

We run an agile, open, and transparent company that strives to become the best in its category. You should be passionate about Ruby on Rails, iOS, and B2B SaaS.

You should be familiar with Rails 3, and Git. Knowledge of MongoMapper/MongoDB, ActiveRecord/MySQL, NewRelic, Hoptoad, Jenkins, and a number of standard Gems is beneficial. You will be fully responsible for all software development and will work closely with the CEO to decide functionality development and UI/UX.

As mentioned, the company is a B2B SaaS with revenues. Our clients are Fortune 500 manufacturing and extractives as well as medium and small businesses located around the world, though primarily in North America. Revenue is growing at 100% per year and we expect this to continue.

This is an ideal opportunity for an ambitious developer to take part in the creation of a new and profitable business. We are looking for a developer who can prioritize development, work independently, manage a team and understands the constraints of growing a small startup into a medium and eventually large business.

Nimonik inc. was established in mid-2008 in Montreal, Canada.

We have a computer science student interning with us who requires supervision and mentoring.

Compensation: Competitive
Work Location: Montreal or remote
Work Schedule: Highly Flexible, work can start as part-time
Equity: Yes/No/Maybe
Start Date: Immediate
Vacation: 1 Month/Year

Email your CV, Cover Letter, Open-Source contributions to

More details:


Lead Ruby on Rails / MongoDB developer


Part-time or full-time, Montreal (preferable) or Remote.

Company Info

Nimonik is a high growth and dynamic Montreal based start-up that provides companies with legal tracking and auditing software. Our products include a web-based application built on top of Ruby on Rails/MongoDB and an iOS app.

Our customers include major mining and consumer goods companies who work with environmental, health, and safety legislation.


You will be helping us evolve and build out our rails web application.

This involves releasing improvements and features on a continuous and iterative basis. The software is used in business-critical environments so its important that you enjoy writing tests and releasing stable code (and try to avoid cowboy coding).


You should have a few years of experience with Ruby on Rails and familiarity with NoSQL (MongoDB/Redis/etc). Experience building a REST based API on top of a rails application is a plus.

You will be closely collaborating with the CEO on fixes, functionality design and other items of importance. You will be the main technical person on the team, with a junior developer working for you.


* Writing clean and manageable code with RSPEC/Cucumber testing
* Improving the stability of our MongoDB implementation
* Tackle bugs and issues as they arise
* Build a scraping and change monitoring system for various external sites

Work Environment

We offer a flexible work environment where you can work on your own hours. Periodic meetings in Montreal will be required. A competitive salary and possible options are available for the right candidate.

Please send your CV, github account and other information to