EHSQ Reporter for iPad and iPhone Updated

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We are very happy to announce a small upgrade to the hugely popular EHSQ Reporter for iPhone and iPad to perform audits and inspections at lightning speed.

The updates are small, but meaningful. We believe in simple and elegant products and we are constantly polishing our work. Here is a list of the updates and expect an even larger update in September. We hope you are enjoying the app and please send us comments and feedback so we can continuously improve it.

The app is now available in Dutch, many thanks to Mike from the Netherlands for the translations.

Quick Findings

You can now add your own Quick Findings for audits as well as delete the ones that come with the App by default.


Audit Findings

You can now set your the statuses for your audits – use a rating system (1,2,3,4) or possibly a non-compliance wording for compliance audits, it’s up to you!





Horizontal Notes

You can now takes notes in Landscape more on your iPhone, makes for faster typing.



Delete Media

You can now delete photos, video and audio recordings you have taken related to your findings.


Support Page


A new and improved support page in the app with tutorial videos, text and links to more resources. Hopefully this will answer most of your questions about this easy to use app.