Audits and Verification Tool on Special

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The EHSQ Audit Reporter has just been updated with Dutch translations, small visual improvements and a couple of much requested features.

To celebrate the new version, warm weather and laid back atmosphere at the office, Nimonik will be offering the EHSQ Reporter iPad and iPhone app at a reduced cost. Instead of the usual 29.99$, the software will be offered at only 9.99$ for two weeks, starting today and ending August 31st, 2011.

Click here to buy now in the Apple App Store, satisfaction guaranteed.

Hundreds of auditors around the world have increased their inspection efficiency and produced rich reports with photos, video, and audio recordings of their findings. Come and join the 21st century auditing world.

Here’s a sample of the amazing feedback we have received.

External auditor Debbie Lacroix from the US simply states, “I love this software!”

Vincent Wong in Singapore writes in, “I am an OHSAS lead auditor for my department. No longer do I have to lug around folders of standards and other documents. I will also be going for the ISO 9001 lead auditor training course and having its standard in the same app is a great advantage for me.” National University of Singapore

Hein from Scotland puts it this way, “I have been working offshore for 7 years as an HSE advisor and never have I seen such an easy to use, straight forward, and in my opinion, professionally designed tool. WELL DONE TO YOU GUYS!” EHS Consultant for Ocean Engineering International

Stig Rabben from Norway says, “Your app ticked most of the boxes for me so I decided to give it a try. I can’t wait to get away from paper notes and/or a large PC for my vessel audits.” – DOF Subsea


Jonathan Brun, founder of Nimonik, will be presenting auditing on touch devices at this year’s Auditing Roundtable Conference Philadelphia on September 7th, come and join us.