Audit Platform Improvements

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A major part of our iPad auditing tool is the web based portion. Using, you upload your checklists, manage your users and see your audit results. Last night, we added a number of much requested features.

Better Importer

One of the most requested features has been an easier way to upload your checklists. We are happy to announce an easy importer for all of your checklists. To learn more or to upload your checklist, click here to see how to upload your audit list.

Company Templates

Prior to this update, you could only have lists tied to specific facilities. Now you can upload company templates and share them with your colleagues. If you had existing checklists in the site, they have automatically been converted to company templates. There are now 3 types of audit lists in your account:

1. Lists specific to a facility
2. Lists for just your company
3. Lists that are publicly available

To upload a company template for use by you and your colleagues, log into your account at and go to the checklists page here.