Speed improvements on Internationalization and Aspect-Impact Registers

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We’re very happy to announce a major speed improvement for NimonikApp.ca.


Multi-lingual sites are a challenge to maintain, you need to create two versions of all the text and ensure the grammar and spelling is correct. With the growth of the site, we found it becoming increasingly sluggish. After some testing, one of our major speed constraints was the translation of all the various parts of the interface. By moving our translation text into the database we were able to improve speed load times by 7.2 times, bringing down the time for 100 requests from 432 seconds to 58 seconds, quite remarkable. We hope you notice these improvements and enjoy the faster speed.

Aspect-Impact Registers

Some of our clients have massive ISO 14001 aspect and impact registers, with over 300 items. Loading, organizing and editing this data is complicated. With growing functionality, this part of the site was also becoming too slow. By integrating a more granular loading system, which allowed us to load only the appropriate parts of the data, we were able to improve load speeds by 900% – lowering load times from 27 seconds to just 3.

We are always trying to improve our services, should you have any comments or questions on these features and more, please let us know at info@nimonik.ca