The inevitable move towards the cloud and employee freedom

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The Wall Street Journal just posted an interesting piece on companies relinquishing more and more power to the employees and their mobile devices. Simply put, employees are no longer satisfied with locked down blackberries, they want iPhones, Android Phones, and iPads. Add onto this the fact that the Blackberry Playbook has received very tepid review and we see an inevitable move towards distrubuted technology. Companies and their procurement committees simply cannot keep pace with technological innovation and to stay competitive, employees need the most cutting edge communication tools.

That being said, IT loves to raise the spectre of security. I am curious to know of a case where the security of a company cell phone, email or other device was compromised and this led to significant financial or other damage? Are there any case studies on this? To me it seems like the military style lock down of laptops and cellphones (and now tablets) leads to three things:

  1. Decreased productivity due to security barriers.
  2. Decreased productivity due to use of old technology.
  3. Employee unhappiness, which, you guessed, it, leads to reduction in productivity.

Call me a young, naive, and tech savvy entrepreneur, but I think companies had better start getting with the program. According to enterprise iPad sales, it seems they have already started.