The challenge of audits and legislative tracking

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Nimonik is devoted to helping businesses, consultants and experts access and use environmental, health, and safety legislation and standards around the world.

We have consistently tried to offer affordable tools to help both internal EHSQ managers and external auditors perform their jobs more effectively. This month, we would like to share some recently published articles from our team on the challenges and future of auditing and monitoring legislation.

The Challenge of Environmental, Health, and Safety Audit Lists

Environmental audits are hard, very hard. While everyone seems to recognize the need for external audit lists, no one seems willing to do them properly. Why? Continue Reading…

How to use the iPad and iPhone to perform more efficient Audits

Using tablet computers and smart phones as work tools isn’t appropriate for every professional or for every task; it really depends on what you do for a living. But for auditors on the go, new generations of tablet devices are panning out to be an essential working tool, especially Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Savvy auditors find plenty of ways to get more out of these devices than browsing the Internet and compiling photo slide-shows… Continue Reading…

Managing a B2B Software as Service Company

Running an agile startup takes patience. Running an agile startup that services traditional businesses takes eternal patience. This is especially true when selling Business to Business Software as a Service (B2B SaaS). It simply requires a different set of skills than when targeting the consumer market… Continue Reading…

New overview of features

We have just updated our features page with new screenshots, videos and explanations of how can help you monitor and manage your environmental, health and safety legal obligations. See features overview here.

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