New Notification System for Users

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Email Updates for Users

All users in your account will receive three types of emails:

  • Plain language Environmental Updates for the jurisdictions and sectors associated with your company. (1/month)
  • Items in your registers that have been placed Under Review. (1/month)
  • Important Dates and Permits for the facilities you administer. (before dates)

Company administrators will receive all notifications (updates, permits, reporting deadlines).

General Users will receive:

  • Plain language updates on environmental issues.
  • Updates for legislation in legal registers they administer.
  • Permit notifications and reporting notifications for all facilities they administer.

Notifications go out

Plain language environmental updates: the 3rd week of the month.

  • To stop receiving these, click on My Info (top right hand corner). A user can select to receive these emails monthly, quarterly, annually, or never.

Changes to Legal Registers you administer are sent on the first (1st) day of every month.

  • After receiving the first notification, you can set another user the responsibillity of reviewing a register. To do this, go to: My Account > Documents under Review
  • The person responsible for a register will continue to receive reminders to revise their register every 2 weeks until the items have been removed from Under Review. To see items in your registers under review, go to My Account > Documents under Review (see screenshot attached to email).

Permit expiration and Reporting Deadline warnings are sent 1 year, 6 months and 1 month before relevant date.