Evidence for ISO 14001 Auditor Inspections

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NimonikApp.ca already allows you to effortlessly manage your legal register, now you can track dates and prove to the auditor that you are monitoring your obligations.

Now you can track your reporting requirements

Track reporting requirements and indicate when you have completed them. We try to capture most reporting dates in Canada at the Federal and provincial levels. To suggest a date be added to the centralized calendar, just click on the link on the right hand panel.

On top of general reporting requirements, you can add your own dates to the system so you don’t miss a beat. When you upload a permit, certificate of authorization or other internal requirement, you can set an expiration date and a reminder frequency. These dates will show up in your to-do list and you will be able to keep track of their completion.

Each facility has one to-do item for per reporting requirement – so, if someone else at your company completes the item, it will show up in your account logs.

Tracking User Activity in your Logs

An important part of ISO, or any industrial standard, is proving that you are actively evaluating your risks and constantly improving. Now, account administrators and facility administrators can generate reports of all the activities that users at a company are doing within our site. If a new law comes out, you can add it to the register and track why it was added. Add a permit? It’s in there! Complete a checklist, tracked! Send a report, its in the log!

When the auditor shows up, you can simply point them to NimonikApp.ca and show how you have been continuously working on your ISO system, ensuring it is up to date and reflects your operations.