Will 2011 be the year of the enterprise cloud?

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A new year, a new start. Business are always to looking to save time and money, back in the late 90s, many companies poured money into IT infrastructure, intranets, databases and other tools, which, at the time, were the best solutions. Today, cloud based solutions are far more efficient and affordable. Cloud based, simply means that we host the software and data on our servers and you access it through a regular internet browser. Some companies have already made the switch, but this op-ed in Techcrunch makes the case that 2011 will mark a turning point in the enterprise market.

NimonikApp.ca is a cloud based solution, we host your data on our servers and offer fantastic tools to access, modify and update it. Our sites are hosted on world-class servers and delivered over an encrypted connection – making it just as safe (if not safer) than the decade old intranet system you are running. Not only are we just as secure and easier to use, we are continuously updating the service and lowering costs – which carries over to your bottom line.

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