Auditing and verifying environment, health, safety and quality on the iPad

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In September 2010, we launched an iPh0ne application to perform environment, health, safety and quality audits in the field. The app allows you to take photos, video, audio and generates a Microsoft Word report. We are very pleased to announce the iPad version of our app. It allows you to build checklists and allows you to use the larger screen size to more easily take notes. If you have the iPhone version, the iPad version is a free upgrade. To purchase the app (19.99$), click here. To see more information, click here.

This app will help increase the efficiency (and profitability) of your audits, many more features are coming, so please download it today to help us build the best auditing tool in the world.

We are also looking for partners to build up our database of lists, if you are an expert auditor, please contact us today. Here are a couple screenshots of the application and a video:

Auditing ISO on the iPad