New by-laws in Oakville Health Protection Air Quality

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February 1rst 2010, the city of Oakville has adopted a new, and very serious, by-law, Health Protection Air Quality. The aim of the new by-law is to preserve the health of Oakville residents by reducing the levels of fine particulate matter (Fine PM) in the town’s ambiant air. It also aims to collect information on sources of emissions, regulate major emitters in the absence of federal and provincial regulations and to designate major emission of fine particulate matter, presenting unacceptable risks to the human health as « public nuisance ». Currently, there is no federal or provincial regulation standards on this topic.

Oakville initiative aims the fine particulate matters that are airborne particles less than 2.5 micrometers in size. Those substances are listed as toxic substances by the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency. An abundance of scientific studies demonstration fatal effects when inhalated by humans. For these specific reasons, Oakville has imposed new approval and reporting requirements on major emitters. Each emitter must obtain town approval for their emissions. The town approval process for major emitters involves an application fee of 25, 000$ to cover the costs to the town of processing the application.

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