Tar Sands Pollution even worse

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An Environment Canada report just released demonstrates that pollution from Tar Sands mining operations is even worse than expected. Notably, the release of toxins and heavy metals is increasing faster and faster as development grows and new projects come online. This Globe and Mail article summarize the report well, but suffice to say Tar Sands production in 2009 can be summed up as:

  • Arsenic and lead released to tailings ponds has increased 26% in 4 years
  • 111 661 tonnes of sulphur dioxide were released (causes acid rain)
  • 70 685 tonnes of volatile organic compounds were released (causes smog and harm human organs)
  • Produce nearly all of acenapthene which can cause tumours on the ling, skin and bladder.
  • Acenapthene production has increased 42 per cent since 2006.
  • 322 tonnes of arsenic
  • 651 tonnes of lead
  • Lots of other lovely substances too.
  • and bbout 3.35 million barrels of oil per day.