Yet another spill

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Yesterday there was another oil spill, in Michigan, an Enbridge pipeline has spilt over 3.25 million litres of oil (CBC article). Though tiny in comparison to the BP spill, it is significant. On top of the spill in China last week (MSNBC article), we are seeing more and more spills as oil companies strive to make more money by cutting costs.

The risks of managing hazardous materials increase exponentially – not linearly – with the complexity of the system. Sadly, with increasing demand for oil, we are likely to continue to see more and more spills. It is high time that the clean-up costs and risks involved in extracting and transporting oil are included in the price of oil. With higher prices we will increase energy efficiency and allow for the development of clean energy.

Only one month ago, we interviewed of the Polaris Institute on the proposed Enbridge pipeline and its potential effects, see the interview here.

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