Ontario approvals with Dianne Saxe – part II

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I recently got a chance to follow up with environmental lawyer Dianne Saxe on the upcoming changes to the Ontario Environmental Approvals process. We had done an interview a couple months ago, but with the changes now in proposed acts, it was time to follow up.

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The changes to the approvals process should make Ontario business’ lives a bit easier, but it also imposes much more serious responsibilities on the shoulders of corporate directors. The fines that you may face, should you not respect your permits, are substantial and much easier to apply – so beware. With high turnover at many companies, some neglect their permits, stored away in a filing cabinet, as Dianne mentions in the interview, this is a very dangerous practice. Time to dust off the permits and get a crash course in the new system, take a look at the video below to get started and we will be covering these changes in detail at NimonikApp.ca (get a free account today!).

Dianne wrote up a great post on the changes which can be found on her blog, envirolaw.com, here.