When the mighty fall

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Things are really unraveling at the IPCC, with officials finally admitting that the UN panel has to improve its procedures when reviewing reports.

The worst part about any scandal is the cover-up and Climategate is no exception. Had climate scientists come down hard, early on, on the practices at East Anglia and the methods of the IPCC, this series of blunders could be more easily corrected and forgotten.

Here’s what the Observer has to say about the series of blunders committed by the IPCC lately:

“[Deniers] deal not in the balance of risk but the exposure of uncertainty. Tiny doubts on the periphery of the case, they say, undermine the whole story, banishing the threat.

That isn’t true, but it is bad science and bad politics to counter scepticism with righteous indignation. In the long run, public confidence will be inspired more by frankness about what science cannot explain.”

Even a top British government scientist is on the record for saying that the panel is losing all credibility.

It will take years before this community of scientists will be able to repair their damaged reputation.