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“This is the day that will define our century. Canada is fully acknowledging its historical climate debt and the legal responsibilities that follow. Today, we no longer have to wait for a COP20 or COP100 before the voices of our children are heard. Now that we are friends, I can say it is high time Canada changed.”

– Margaret Matembe, MP and member of the Climate Committee of Uganda

Too bad “the staged response” was in response to the fake news release claiming that Canada had done an about turnaround on its carbon emissions targets.

The hoax has created such a stir that PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas apparently accused eco-warrior Steven Guilbeault of being its author. François Cardinal reports that Guilbault caught up to Soudas and the two exchanged some unkind words for one another. Suffice to say that the Feds in Copenhagen are getting some pretty bad press.

So far, it seems the Yes Men are getting credit for the prank.