Nominations open for CLawBies

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Nominations are now being accepted for the 2009 Canadian Law Blog Awards (CLawBies), in recognition of the best blogs published by the Canadian legal industry. Steve Matthews of Stem Legal is running the show and has invited people to suggest some nominations. So here are three of our favourite Canadian law blogs:

1. Climate Change Law Practice Group Blog Davis LLP and Environmental, Energy and Resources Law Blog Davis LLP: Davis LLP has six blogs, three of which cover environmental issues. These two are among our favourite because of strong and prolific writing, and their extensive coverage of environmental issues and the emerging regulatory framework surrounding carbon markets. A small suggestion: why not merge their various environmental blogs into one?

2. Because we’re interested in environmental law, we follow Davis LLP assiduously. It goes without saying that Dianne Saxe’s Environmental Law and Litigation blog is also obligatory reading for anyone interested in this area. Saxe keeps us apprised of the latest developments and of what’s coming down the pipes. One of her specialties is contaminated land issues, but her thoughtful blog covers a much wider range of environmental topics, including climate change, green energy, environmental litigation and water pollution. And obligatory reading does not mean unpleasant. Saxe’s site is very readable, written in plain English, sometimes playful and easy on the eyes.

3. Law in Quebec is a blog written by Luis Millán and our sleeper pick. More of a case law news blog, Millán takes the time to provide in depth commentary on Quebec legal developments. For those interested in the substance of law and who want to familiarize themselves with Quebec’s higher profile court rulings, it’s a good place to start. He also has an extensive collection of legal cartoons.

For details on how to enter nominations, there’s information here. The awards list will be released on New Year’s Eve.