Two giants pledge GHG reductions

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Just a quick note that Copenhagen might yet still have some life in it. With President Obama announcing his forthcoming presence, Canada and China are following suit with their high leaders, Harper and Wen Jiabao respectively. China seems to be serious about reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, simply for the reason that they are very energy wasteful and have lots of room to improve efficiencies. Outline of commitments can be found here.

One note that stood out in the above article was that over a quarter of Chinese wind-farms (some of the largest in the world) are operational, but not connected to the grid,meaning the electricity they produce is not being used. This is astounding. Often, grid companies (government controlled) are slow to build lines to remote parts of the country – this is a major issue in Canada with many wind-farms on hold because of a lack of grid connectivity.

Let us see what happens at Copenhagen.