Sustainable capitalism

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No question that Climategate is damaging for proponents of global warming theory. But more worrisome is that mainstream media will respond by giving credence to the fevered ravings of conspiracy theorists. So far reactions betray the lack of political will in this world to do what it takes to set the us down the right path — probably owing to public fatigue with the threat of climate change.

For those outside Quebec who don’t know him, Jean-François Lisée is a well known author and was once special advisor to the former Quebec premiers Jacques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard. He’s also not a bad blogger.

He has recently published a new book, Imaginer l’après-crise. Piste pour un monde plus juste, équitable, durable, co-authored with Éric Montpetit. The book is a useful reminder that the crisis of capitalism which revealed its symptoms in 2008 is further exacerbated by our latent ecological crisis, since our planet simply cannot sustain economic growth as we know it.

The book brings together a dozen thinkers, from Quebec and abroad, who offer some ideas about how capitalism should be reformed. What’s important to take away from most of these researchers is that in the long run, it may be possible to resume sustained growth, but not until we adapt to a new kind of growth that produces less of an environmental footprint. So far it seems that the best way to achieve that is to tax resources instead of labour.

Below is an eight-minute documentary, produced by fans in support of the book: