NPRI reporting made easy

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At Nimonik, we are currently developing an NPRI reporting tool that will help Canadian companies easily calculate emissions from multiple facilities and, if thresholds are met, report their findings to the government.

This release is intended to gauge interest from potential clients who would be willing to subscribe to such a service and solicit any feedback about their expectations on how an NPRI reporting tool can work best.

Typically, NPRI figures are calculated in excel, compiled for multiple facilities and reported to the government via their OWNERS website. Our tool would be conceived to allow you to easily calculate NPRI emissions for multiple facilities, to determine whether you meet threshold levels and send the information to the government

Both reporting companies and consultants can reduce the hassle of filing NPRI reports. Affordable and easy to use, this tool would save your firm time and money while allowing you to see trends and improve your reporting every year.

If an NPRI calculation and reporting tool interests you, please click here to learn more and add yourself to our notification list. If you have an extra minute, fill out a Market Survey for NPRI reporting and receive 100$ voucher valid for any service from, Environmental Regulations Simplified, subscription. If your firm is ISO 14001 certified, we can help you manage legal and aspect-impact registers.