Tiny fish eats shark

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Too often, small or ugly animals receive less attention than their large or furry cousins. This phenomenon leads to the extinction of ugly ducklings and the over protection of baby seals. The EcoJustice lawyers have scored a major victory by proving the government was contravening its own laws by refusing to recognize the habitat of an endangered species, the Nooksack dace minnow. Article here. Larger animals rely on smaller ones for food, so it is important to protect all levels of the food chain, not just the large furry creatures. From the article linked to above:

“This string of successful lawsuits means that the Government of Canada can no longer turn a blind eye to disappearing species by claiming it can’t identify critical habitat,” said Gwen Barlee of the Wilderness Committee. “This is a whale of a judgement: a ruling about a homely minnow will actually protect BC’s endangered humpback and killer whales.”