Changing perceptions: small actions make a big difference

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Doing something small for the environment, like turning off lights in unused rooms, also results in big savings for organisations. By Isaac Rudik at Compliance Solutions Canada – A Nimonik affiliate

A colleague recently replaced all of the incandescent bulbs throughout his small-to-midsized company with compact fluorescent lights, and removed one-quarter of the fluorescent tubes from ceiling fixtures in areas where worker safety and productivity wasn’t affected.

Urged to action by his pre-teen children, Jack’s intent was to do something positive – however small – for the environment. But he was delightfully surprised by his next Hydro bill: Not only did power usage drop noticeably, so did what the company owed. Jack’s one small step resulted in a $108 savings over the average sum he paid every billing cycle for electricity.

Because some employees grumbled initially at the change, my friend decided to let them see how their reluctant acceptance of the new lighting policy paid off: He treated everyone to a pizza-and-soda lunch. While it ate up more than what he saved in Hydro expenses that first month, he noticed employees became more conscientious about turning off their computers at night, switching off wash room lights when they left the room and taking similar energy-saving steps around the company.

Jack knew that within another few months, he’d not only recoup the price of the lunch, he see new habits in his employees that would save the company real money on an on-going basis. Continue reading here.