Tips for video interviews

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We really appreciate your time and to ensure the video is of the best possible quality, please read some of the tips below.


  • Use a microphone

If possible, try and use a microphone, bluetooth or USB headset. This significantly improves the audio quality and makes for a better video.

  • Good, frontal lighting is essential

In a typical office, there is often more lighting in back of you than in front, this leads to a dark face on the video. The lights in the background or on the ceiling lower the quality. Please place a desktop lamp in front of you and point it towards your face, it may seem very bright to you, but the video will be much better.

  • Behind you should be clean

In back of you there should be a wall with as little as possible on it (books are ok), preferably all white. Anything in back of you will distract the viewer and we want them to focus on you.

  • Be prepared

Please try to prepare for the interview by thinking about how you will introduce your company, discuss the topic at hand and conclude. However, overly prepared responses are not natural and we like to avoid them. Make a plan of attack to help us stay on topic and on time.

During the video

  • Talk Fast(er)

When we talk in person, we tend moderate each others pace. On video, a third-party is watching and they have little time to waste. Viewers of video expect a fast paced discussion, when we hesitate or slow down, the viewer loses interest. It is important to focus on the speed of your responses, try to talk a little faster than you normally would to ensure that the viewer remains engaged.

  • Lean Forward

You may have a tendency to lean back in your chair when talking into a camera, but this gives the impression to the viewer that you are not passionate about the interview. It is important to lean forward, this also helps you stay focused and speak a bit faster.

  • Be Brief

This is probably the most challenging tip, but it matters. We like to keep our  interview around 5 to 10 minutes. Everyone is short on time and the attention span on the internet is about 3 seconds! Please try to be brief and keep your responses dense with useful information.

We hope these points help you prepare for your online (and offline) interviews, please feel free to send us questions or comments.