Ontario gets tougher on hazardous and general waste manufacturers

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Ontario Gets Even Tougher On Hazardous and General Waste Manufacturers, trucking companies and disposal sites handling waste must ensure that they don’t harm human health and safety or the environment. If they don’t, they could see life through an iron curtain.

– By Isaac Rudik at Compliance Solutions Canada, a Nimonik partner

When it comes to insisting that businesses properly store and dispose of hazardous and other wastes, Ontario’s Ministry of Environment isn’t fooling around.

Ian Herd, apparently the sole owner of a numbered Ontario corporation, failed to properly clean up soil-contaminated property he purchased near St. Catherine’s after being ordered to do so by the Ministry of Environment. MOE, not only took him to court to enforce the order but then prosecuted him criminally when he kept ignoring the directive. It resulted in Herd being sentenced to six months jail time. It took the province more than three years to nail him but the ministry’s investigators chased after Herd with the tenacity of a nasty terrier sniffing a meaty bone.

Hazardous waste covers a broad range of materials from manufacturing residues such as acids, contaminated sludge and complex chemicals to biomedical wastes from hospitals, used photo finishing chemicals and unused cleaning products from homes along with discarded batteries. They require special handling to reduce harming both human health and the environment. Continue reading…