Freeman Dyson, global warming skeptic, on Charlie Rose

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Freeman Dyson, a pioneering scientist in quantum mechanics and rocketry, was just interviewed on Charlie Rose. The interview is partially about his position on global warming (Video here). Largely he agrees the planet is warming, but thinks it may be good for us and that it is not necessarily our fault.

Dyson claims that:

  • Global warming is not bad – it helps people. Cold places are warming up most – helping grow more crops and making life easier.
  • That bioengineering can solve our future problems. Technology is evolving fast enough to solve most of our issues. The real problems are not technical ones, they are societal ones.

Dyson does not think humans are the main factor in global warming – or at least he does not know. Dyson thinks there are more important things out there – such as nuclear weapons, eliminating poverty and other items.

He is very keen on the growing wealth of China and India and thinks it is one of the greatest things to happen in his life. He also agrees that while the 20th century may have been the time for physics, the 21st will likely be a century dominated by biology and gene research.