Canadian water not as abundant as we might think

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Interesting interview, in French, with Maude Barlow, who just finished her rotation at the UN’s water commission. She claims our water rights in Canada are progressively being sold off to private companies. Even more interestingly, she points out we do not have as much water as we might think. We are often told Canada has the most fresh water per habitant and should thus not be too worried about consumption and sale of it. However, she claims we have significantly less water when we account for how much we can sustainably extract and its accessibility – most is locked up in the north, far from cities who need it.

That being said, the technology to cheaply clean water is coming to a shop near you. A recent TED talk demonstrated the use of nano-filters to clean water without any chemicals or fancy technology. The filter is simply so fine it only lets the water get through. The smallest water-borne virus is polio which is 25nm in width, these filters are 15nm in width. Watch this video to be blown away: